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Eye Spy a Tree

Eye Spy a Tree

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Botanical illustrator Amber R. Turner came to Luther Burbank Home & Gardens looking for an interesting tree to draw for a major exhibit. She found her tree (the 'Paradox' walnut) and then fell in love with the rest of our trees. This book is a record and tribute to the trees in our Gardens.

The 26 trees in this book are illustrated in whole and in detail. Information about each tree is included. Several are historical Burbank hybrids, and others are native to California, while some are on the IUCN Red List of endangered species. What they all have in common is their importance to the world. It is often said that trees are the lungs of the planet, but are they not also its heart and soul?

Beyond that, it's a guide to how to look at trees. How to deliberately take the time to observe the differences in bark and leaves, the shape of their growth and their blossoms, fruits and nuts/seeds. It includes a section on how to start drawing trees yourself.

Softcover, lavish b&w illustrations, 60 pages, 8.5 x 11"

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